Ease – Gentle Yoga with Michele Fife

July 19, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

EASE is the perfect verb I LOVED THIS VIDEO. Everything about the video is calming and relaxing. The stretches are easy to do, yet had a huge impact on my tightened muscles. I liked how the other “models” did variations of the different poses which helped me find positions that worked best for me. I did this routine late at night before bed. I realized at one point during the video that I was yawning and exhausted when before I had been tense and wide awake! I had an excellent nights sleep and woke up and every…

Anonymous says:

I love everything about this I love everything about this! I reviewed the other restorative and yin yoga videos included with prime and this by far was my favorite. The teacher and the students weren’t idealized versions but “real people”. The pace, the space between postures, the cadence of the teacher’s voice and the quality of the instruction were all great. I take 2 gentle yoga classes a week and I love my teacher for all of the above reasons. This is a great option if I miss a class or want to add a third day.

Anonymous says:

Terrific Restful Flow I watched this video as part of my home practice. I alternate between vigorous flows, targeted flows, and gentle flows. This was an excellent routine to restore my over worked muscles and keep me on track. The choices and modifications to the poses are top rate and the sequencing is dead on. Michele’s instruction is pitch perfect in both tone and content. I am keeping this one on my Fire Stick’s “recent” list so I can view it again as needed.

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