June 14, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

An Honest Film I don’t write many reviews but I wanted to express my enjoyment of the movie.The movie is a very personal look into the life of a man who is dealing with an addiction to food. It’s a very real look into his condition. There is no purposeless humor at the expense of his weight. The movie convincingly shows why we should care about this man. He’s charming, smart and completely spiraling out of control. The performance itself was heartfelt and convincing, and I commend the actor…

Anonymous says:

The real inside story on being fat From my experience, as a lifetime emotional eater, this is a deeply honest account of the humiliation, rejection and loneliness that come with being fat. The honest documentary style of this movie borders on therapeutic because IMO, absolutely no fat person (like me) wants to see our life like this, but it is real. While we all get emotional challenges, could this movie have been carried off with a thin person as the major character? Not a chance. I think that most people will watch this film…

Anonymous says:

This is so true for morbidly obese…. This will hit home if your an overweight male, who isn’t like the super shy big guy. For me this hits home big time and I dam near broke down when he said he didn’t want to die to his friend after they fought. The truth is being big sucks on so many levels, but this is how some people deal with pain, when he lost his mother, and then his girlfriend it most likely sent him on a year(s) long binge, if your morbidly obese you have been there, where you slowly put on weight until one day you wake…

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