Legs & Hips

August 12, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

you will see very quickly why being inflexible probably means yoga will be great for you My wife has been telling me for years to do yoga and I’ve resisted since I’ve always maintained that a) I’m not flexible enough to do yoga and, b) its not enough of a workout because if I’m going to workout, I want to get sweaty. So, for anyone who re-reads point a, you will see very quickly why being inflexible probably means yoga will be great for you, since a lot of it is stretching. After doing these videos, I can also say that my point b is also way off the mark since you can do many…

Anonymous says:

Finally! Perfect for those who aren’t bendy! I workout 4 days a week and someone suggested I add an extra day to the end of the week and do yoga for stretching out the body. I’ve tried various yoga videos in the past and found most to be more advanced even when stated it was for beginners. I came across this one and decided to give it a try since my problem is flexibility. This was exactly what I’ve been looking for! The moves aren’t overly difficult but you still feel it and the instructor is understanding that not everyone can bend…

Anonymous says:

Best video for beginners!! I did a beginners yoga class in college and loved it. Unfortunately, life gets in the way with new experiences (aka new job, new relationships) that took over and I put yoga to the side. I have now gotten my life in order (yey me!) and am trying to get back into yoga. I am about a week and a half in and I wish I would of found Julie’s videos first. I have watched a few of the yoga videos through amazon and yes they are all good, but I believe Julie has the best video for beginners!! All…

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