Yoga to the Rescue: Back Pain

April 12, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Back pain GONE!!! I cannot believe what a difference this video has made in my daily life! I have been suffering for months with a return of severe back pain, the kind that shoots down your leg with every step and every seat taken. I have been going to my chiropractor 3 times a week and making every attempt to alleviate the pain. I ordered Desiree Rumbaugh’s ‘Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain’ and immediately downloaded the instant video and did as much as I could. I did again as much as I could for the next 3…

Anonymous says:

This Video Rescued Me I am going to buy this video. It certainly rescued my back from pain. The demostration are clear and the explanations slow and deliberate, enabling one to follow easily. It is quite long, but I noted where in the tape the halfl dozen or so stretches I favored were found. I recommend this video to anyone who needs effective video instruction.

Anonymous says:

Yoga to the Rescue for Back Pain Great video. Easy to understand. Well explained right way verses wrong way to get best benefit. Scoliosis causes lots of problems and this yoga video is good to help with some of those difficulties. It presents moves to stretch the back muscles, but also work the core strength. I tried Yoga a few years ago and was able to get rid of most of my back pain. Got away from it for awhile, but I am back at it and having the same results as before. I liked this video the minute I saw the poses I knew…

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