Kathy Smith – Flex Appeal – A Belly Dance Workout

May 4, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Great DVD… I know, I know, Kathy Smith is not a professional or even an advanced bellydancer…but neither am I. She obviously worked very hard with a pro and then had some amazing bellydancers in the video with her. I appreciated that very much. As a beginning bellydancer that has only been taking lessons for a few months….I was encouraged that a very fit, longtime fitness enthusiast such as Kathy Smith couldn’t do the moves perfectly either. I like the short instructional portion immensely and…

Anonymous says:

Enjoyable, useful, and merits far outweigh quibbles Many reviewers comment on K. Smith’s lack of total expertise in belly dance. Against this admittedly true and valid point, why not consider the following:- Smith cues very well, is very personable, and her enthusiasm is charming- Ansuya is never far from view, and she is the belly dancer to beat all, in my opinion; the other ladies also contribute well to an understanding of how the moves are done- the various belly dance moves are fun and interesting- the pace is…

Anonymous says:

Beginner belly dancer / I love this DVD! I’ve seen the other reviews for this DVD saying it’s just not the best out there, especially b/c Kathy Smith is not a belly dancer and is stiff, etc.With complete respect to those reviewers who know much, much more than I about belly dancing — I know NOTHING — I have to say that I love, love, love this DVD.I am clumsy and not very well coordinated but Kathy does a great job of cueing–reminding you to tuck your tummy and especially to keep your knees bent–and…

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