Power 90 Master Series Core Cardio

August 25, 2018 - Comment

Workout/Exercise DVD

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Workout/Exercise DVD


Caroline n Thor says:

Great way to leave couch-potato-dom behind I’m very happy with this workout. I was extremely out of shape when I started and even the basic 1-2 workouts wiped me out. Within a week or 2, I was ok, and progressed to the advanced workout at about week 4-5. The time commitment, about 40 minutes 6x/week was very reasonable, and Tony keeps you going even when you’re having an off day and just not quite as good as you were the day before. I’m considering the p90x now, but happy with the “masters series p90” workouts in the interim.

Brent M. Kipp says:

Not exactly ground breaking… … if you’ve done Tony’s workouts but it is a nice one to add-in if you are getting tired of a particular P90X workout. I like the Power 90 Master Series because they are always upbeat and they tend to clock in a few minutes shorter than the X workouts. So if you have a day when you are pressed for time you can mix this (or Intervals, or UML) in and still get your work in for the day.

Martina says:

I love Tony! ANY dvd by Tony Horton, I LOVE it! Tony’s dvds are SO much fun, while making me laugh, I get an AWESOMEworkout! I own quite a few of his dvds.

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